Are you looking for a high quality organic compost for your garden, vegetables, lawn, flowers or farm fields?  Harvey's Incred-A-Soil compost improves soil and plant life.  It's a great compost because we pay a lot of attention to how it's made, monitoring temperatures and turning at the right times.  This process is very important and is often done incorrectly. Doing it correctly results in a compost that acts as a fertilizer as well as a soil improver and mulch.  Your plants will look better with our bagged organic compost - Harvey's Incred-A-Soil.  It's a 1.5-1.0-2.0 analysis.
Advantages of our Bagged Organic Compost
  • Produces Quality Fruits & Vegetables

  • Loosens soils & increases yields

  • High organic matter content

  • High & diverse microbial activity

  • High humus content & nutrient value

What to Expect From Our Bagged Organic Compost
  • Disease suppression: Provides a healing effect on plants and nutrilizes the soil.

  • Infiltration of water. Helps maintain 25% air and 25% water.

  • Porosity increased in the soil - has more air voids than your typical soil.

  • Nutrient retention - A magnetic charge from the high CEC holds nutrients longer.

  • Compaction reduction - It makes soil spongy and allows a spring back action.

  • Erosion reduced - Disperses the forces of raindrops.

  • Water retention increased - Like a sponge that holds in the water.

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This is a great Ohio Made product.

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Harvey also provbides products from BioSafe Systems


BioSafe Systemsí sustainable, green chemistry is made up of a uniquely formulated activated peroxygen that destroys pathogens on contact but leaves no residues behind. helping conventional and organic farm and processors kill disease and produce healthy fruits and vegetables. Our agricultural line offers comprehensive crop protection, water quality control, and post-harvest solutions.

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